Inform of new versions to those users . Inform about the Telemarketing List advantages and everything you can achieve with the app. Report the milestones achieved. Specific campaigns with more advanced segmentation (user behavior in the app). 4 Ways to Schedule Push Notifications Here are 4 common ways to schedule push notifications: Time-based  scheduling Under this push notification scheduling model, notifications You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. are sent automatically, once or on a recurring basis (for example, every Friday). This type of programming allows you to notify of Telemarketing List news or inform users of recurring events.

Frequency of sending push notifications Telemarketing List Fuente: Braze Action-based scheduling With this type of programming, push notifications are sent based on actions taken by users, for example when confirming a purchase in a shopping app or a payment in a finance app. Thus, relevant and adjusted communications can be sent to each user. Sent-time optimized scheduling It consists of sending notifications to users at the time they are most likely to interact, for example at 1 in the morning for late nights or at 7 in the morning for early risers, to ensure Telemarketing List that they see the notification and have a greater likely to interact with it.

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API-triggered scheduling By connecting to an Telemarketing List external API, notifications can be sent that are not only based on user actions within the app but also on external information such as location. Get the most out of your app's Push Notifications In conclusion, it is very important that you analyze all the data that is within your reach on the behavior of users with your app . From here, it is your task to create a user loyalty strategy and get their return Telemarketing List through push notifications to prevent your app from falling into disuse and users uninstalling it.