Follow the steps below to unlock your ZTE MF283+. To unlock, we need a computer with a miniPCI-e connector and the Wi-Fi module from the router is installed in this slot

  • Windows PC with miniPCI-e slot
  • Foreign network sim

How to unlock your ZTE MF283+
  1. Disassemble the router and remove the modem module from it (see picture 1)
  2. Insert it into the miniPCI-e slot of a disassembled PC & turn on the PC (see picture 2). If you have problems detecting then try disconnecting then power on the PC before connecting the module into the miniPCI-e slot or try using a different PC
  3. Five ZTE Technologies MSM devices will appear in the device manager, you do not need to install them on each driver.
  4. We only need a diagnostic port. It can be determined from the device’s information by the “equipment ID” (see picture 3)
  5. Install the driver ZTE_LTE_Drivers auto or ZTEDrvSetup manually. I selected drivers from ZTE Mobile Broadband Diagnostics Port
  6. Unpack qcommand.exe from the Unlock_MF283.zip archive
  7. Right click on any space in the folder then open a cmd prompt or PowerShell window here
  8. Unlock your device by running the command in the code tag below
    qcommand -pX -e -c "c 27 40 1f 46 30 41 41"

    replace X with the diagnostic port number you saw earlier in the device manager

  9. You should receive a message from the modem (see picture 4)
  10. The modem is unlocked. Remove the module from the PC and return it to the router