Follow the steps below to unlock your Huawei E5785

If you wish to flash a different firmware version than what's provided in this package, then place the desired firmware in the same folder as and remove the existing bin file from the firmware folder

  • Windows PC
  • USB and RJ45 cable
  • Tweezer or a thin piece of wire
  • Foreign network sim

How to unlock your Huawei E5785
  1. Install the driver
  2. Remove the rear cover of the router and unscrew the six screws, then carefully remove the upper part of the case - it rests on the latches, so it is important not to exert too much force
  3. Now you need to connect the points as in the boot shot picture. For this, use any thin piece of wire, tweezers, or any conducting material. There should be no battery or SIM card inside the router
  4. Then connect the router to the computer via a USB cable
  5. If everything was done properly, then the router will show up in the device manager as “Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface (COM5), where com5 is the port number that will vary in your case
  6. Launch Balong USB Loader at "Balong USB Downloader" folder
  7. Click "Detect". Then Press the three dots & select the usbl.bin file. Then click "Load"
  8. It should take about 10-30 seconds for USB Downloader to do its thing. It's normal for the program to freeze, however, when it's done. It should return with a full progress bar
  9. Two new items should appear in the device manager namely - “Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Application Interface (COM*)” and “Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G PC UI Interface (COM*).
  10. Now you need to install modified firmware. This is done by running the cmd file from within the install firmware folder.
  11. Once done installing the firmware, you need to install the battery back into the router, and then turn it on (there should be only one in the device manager)
  12. To unlock, run the script unlock_*.exe from within the unlock folder. The address of the router is

    At this point, the router is unlocked, but if you need to write IMEI or install a modified WebUI (WebUI with more features)

  13. To fix IMEI, you need to run the change_*.exe script
  14. Install the modified modwebui-*.zip interface by running the cmd file within WebUI folder
  15. You need to assemble the router together, then turn it on and hold the red small Reset button on the back of the router for 10 - 15 seconds to reset the settings to default
  16. After that, you can turn on the router again and configure it as you wish