Follow the steps below to unlock your Huawei B618

  • Windows PC
  • USB and RJ45 cable
  • Tweezer or a thin piece of wire
  • Foreign network sim

How to unlock your Huawei B618
  1. Install the drivers from the drivers' folder
  2. Connect the router via USB to the computer.
  3. Use a tweezer or thin piece of wire to connect BOOT and GND then connect the power supply and then you can remove the tweezer or wire
  4. 1 port should appear in the Device Manager (see the 1port.png for reference)
  5. From the load_*_to_B618 folder, run the cmd file and wait until complete
  6. The bootloader will be loaded and 2 ports will appear
  7. From the folder flash_via_*, run cmd file and wait until complete
  8. Reboot the router (do not forget to connect the ethernet cable instead of USB)
  9. If you wish to flash a different firmware version than what's provided in this package, then place the desired firmware in the same folder as and remove the *.BIN file from the folder