Follow the steps below to unlock your Huawei B612-25d

  • Windows PC
  • USB and RJ45 cable
  • Tweezer or a thin piece of wire
  • Foreign network sim

How to unlock your Huawei B612-25d
  1. Install device drivers on your PC
  2. Solder the USB onto the board, the colors are indicated in the Boot and USB points picture
  3. Use a tweezer or thin piece of copper wire to connect BOOT to GROUND (bootshot)
  4. Connect power source on the router then disconnect/remove only the wire connecting boot to ground
  5. The device should show up in device manager with 1 port, see 1port.png (within the unlock tool)
  6. Open the flash_usbl folder and run the cmd file (not as admin)
  7. The device should now show up in device manager with 2 ports, see 2port.png (within the unlock tool)
  8. Open the flash_firmware folder then copy the firmware into this folder then run the cmd file (not as admin) -- must flash the firmware with ADB and telnet enabled usually having M_AT or AT in filename
  9. Disconnect the power source and USB >> Connect power source and power on the device
  10. Connect the device to PC using an RJ45 cable
  11. Launch DC tool >> search and detect the device then run the commands below to unlock your device
    ATC AT^nvwrex=8268,0,12,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,a,0,0,0